Phony Maloney

As I enter week 20 of my pregnancy, I have to admit, I feel like a bit of a phony. Was my journey to pregnancy a bit unconventional? Yes. However, it was nothing compared to what some women go through. I was so wrapped up in my own story and my own dark thoughts, I never stopped to think “I really don’t have it so bad”

Some women are told they will NEVER conceive. Some go through years and years of treatments before they receive their miracle. I would guess these women read my blog and think “bitch, you don’t even know”. And they are soooo right.

To those women- You are so strong. Do not let this journey break you. While I may not know your unique pain, I am here. I will be your listening ear, I will be your punching bag, I will be your shoulder to cry on. It is the least I can do after being a phony maloney.