I’m back, bitches!

We are fresh off our two month break and ready for our second round of IUI!

The break was great. I could do whatever I wanted with out having to think of how it was effecting my reproductive system. I only took my temperature when I was sick, I had zero hot flashes, and only yelled at my husband when he deserved it (not that he would ever deserve it, he is a god damn saint).

But I am so ready to jump back on this baby makin train. Bring on the mood swings, the poking and prodding, the sweating, all of it. BRING IT ON!

This is our second round of IUI. Which means, we only get one more chance after this if it fails and then we move to IVF. I know you are saying “You cant think that way! You need to think positive!” Take your positivity and shove it up your…..you know what. I need to be realistic. And I am. In the last few months my thoughts have changed from “when we get pregnant” to “if we get pregnant”. And that’s ok. I need to be ready for anything that is thrown at me.

Don’t get me wrong. I am hopeful. SO FREAKING HOPEFUL. I’m hopeful and excited and nervous and all that good stuff. I’m hopeful for the future and I hope that future includes a beautiful baby. I’m excited to get this ball rolling again and to be one step closer to some answers. I’m nervous for those answers. I am nervous that those answers won’t give me what I want.

No matter what happens, I know that I am going to be alright. I have the best husband and the most supportive friends and family. Wherever this journey takes me from here, I am going to be just fine.